Two weeks in Fort McMurray with VICE Canada

Worked with director Leo Scherman for the first time since the beginning of Illusions of Grandeur on a new show for Vice called PAYDAY. A really great time with a great team. Really looking forward to sharing this show, and some of the experience as the shoot continues in the future.

'Withheld' hitting the festival circuit in Toronto and Whistler.

Excited to announce that the short film Withheld, Directed by Jonathan Sousa, will be premiering November 12th at the Carlton cinema in Toronto as part of the Toronto International Short Film Festival. It will also be screening at the Whistler Film Festival in early December! Excited to see it on the big screen!

Jeremy & Margot Make a Baby

Spent the 3rd and 4th of November with old friends making the short film 'Jeremy & Margot Make a Baby'. Director Dan Beirne, Producer Mark Waters, Actor & Writer Clara Altimas and Actor Chris Hayes have all been in my life since my time in Montreal, and it's was a really wonderful experience teaming up again to make a film. I feel like it had been far too long. Always a pleasure to be working with friends.

The Best of Vice Canada

Have been teaming up with Vice a bit over the past few weeks on a number of different projects. The first of which being the Hosting mainstage for the new series 'The Best of Vice Canada'. The series showcases documentaries from the vault and premieres them on TV for the first time on VICE's new broadcaster, VICELAND.

Your Mother & I

Spent 3 days in Niagara on the Lake over the last weekend of October to shoot a beautiful short film based on a short story by Dave Eggers. Alongside director/writer Anna McGuire, the incredible Canadian acting talent Don McKeller and Julia Sarah Stone and a Llama named Nibbler we put together a really beautiful film. A bit of a challenge, as I had to keep one room feeling like magic hour over a period of 3 full days. But I think we pulled it off :)

A month spent in Filth City

Over the Month of September, into the first week of October of this year, alongside Director Andy King, LaRue Entertainment, producers Matt King and Andrew Ferguson, we shot the SuperChannel feature film Filth City. A satire on the Rob Ford crack video scandal, it's a wild romp through the (not so) fictional city of York, alongside Mayor Tom Hogg, members of the York City Police department, the York Herald and the city's foremost drug lords.

Really excited to share this project with the world. Vote Hogg!

Shavasana at AFF

Happy to announce that a short film I directed, Shavasana, will be screening at the 2015 Atlantic Film Festival.

Executive Produced by Gillian Ferrier and Martin Wojtunik, Produced By Faraha Merani, Written and starring Gillian Ferrier and shot by Martin Wojtunik.

It's been almost 13 years since the first time I had a film at AFF. Situated in my home town of Halifax, Nova Scotia, it's where I learned a lot about the art of filmmaking in my early years. I love that festival, and am so happy to be a part of it!

LYK - See What I Can Do

Today Fader premiered the music video for LYK's (ANGO and Druture) See What I Can Do.

Not only was this a super fun filled afternoon of shooting at Midnight Print Studio, with Director Andrew Gordon MacPherson (ANGO) but it was also the first screen appearance for my puppy Patate. And I dare say... he steals the show... or the sprinkles... or, well... just see for yourself.

In NYC with Neo-Futurists

In NYC for the week with Director Marc André Debruyne and Twist Productions to shoot two short films with members of the Neo-Futurist theatre community.

Worked with the Welcome to Night Vale podcast's Jeffrey Cranor and some of Neo-Futurism's founding fathers Rob Neill and John Pearson.


Allah in the family

Headed to Pittsburg for a week at the beginning of July to shoot a Pilot with Peacock Alley Entertainment. Down there with Peacock's usual suspects to film an incredible muslim family in Pittsburg's Homewood district. An inspiring, eye opening experience. Tried our best to shoot a reality show like an NFB varité documentary. Minimal lighting and a fluid handheld style. 

Not the conventional way to shoot a show like this. But I feel it fit the bill. Looking forwad to seeing it.

Just between PayPals

Commercial shoot for PayPal this weekend.  Directed by Marc André Debruyne. Thanks to iQ Productions, PM Jennifer Millington, and the killer crew for a great shoot!

Big Back Yards in Miami

Headed to Miami this week to shoot a demo for a new series entitled Big Back Yards with Peacock Alley Entertainment. Ryan Valentini, Carrie Mudd and Chad Hunt. Good times had in the hot Southern sun!

BLOW - A short film

Completed a two day short film entitled, BLOW over Monday and Tuesday nights.

A bit of a self-imposed challenge for myself on this one, to light almost exclusive with china balls.

Directed by Steven Burley, Produced by Simone Stock and Misha Skoric.

Starring Geoffrey Pounsett, David Benjamin Tomlinson, Karen Parker